Letter Writing – A Forgotten Art!

Letter writing

At Tuition First HQ we were musing on the fact that no-one writes letters anymore; and more to the point our young people don’t know how to set out a letter – or address an envelope! (We can’t remember when we last bought writing paper either).

The digital age has a lot to answer for – fantastic that we can let each other know immediately what’s going on in our lives, but with that instant communication has come all sorts of short-cuts and text-speak; and there’s no anticipation or excitement to see what the Postman has delivered.

Letter writing is part of the curriculum, so let’s give our young people a head-start this holiday period and support them to write thank you letters (especially to Grandparents).

A ‘thank you for your gift; lots of love x’ just won’t do… encourage your children to say why they liked the gift, what they might do differently as a result of receiving this gift and something nice they could say about the person who gave them the gift (or memory they have about that person).

Let’s bring back the ‘Art’ of letter writing.