Letter writing

Letter writing is part of the National Curriculum, even in this digital world, and here’s an exemplar thank you letter.

The Queen’s letter of thanks to everyone for the celebrations of her Platinum Jubilee

‘When it comes to how to mark 70 years as your Queen, there is no guide book to follow. It really is a first. But I have been humbled and deeply touched that so many people have taken to the streets to celebrate my Platinum Jubilee.

Letter writing

‘While I may not have attended every event in person, my heart has been with you all, and I remain committed to serving you to the best of my ability, supported by my family.

‘I have been inspired by the kindness, joy and kinship that has been so evident in recent days, and I hope this renewed sense of togetherness will be felt for many years to come.

‘I thank you most sincerely for your good wishes and for the part you have all played in these happy celebrations.’