Launch First programme: half way report

by Janine Osmond

Launch First coach

We are over half way through the 10 week Launch First programme and I am pleased with the progress of all the participants.

We set out to train the youngsters (15-16 year olds) to develop a plan for their future, and to develop their ability to understand the cause and effect link that impact on their daily lives. We also wanted them to learn to recognise their personality type and set themselves life goals; establishing a reliable group of supporters, from within their peer group, to help them to maintain motivation.

All in all, we wanted the participants to finish the programme with a powerful set of life skills.

So far, so good ……

  • Those taking part in the initial Launch First programme have all identified goals that they are working on
  • They have also identified their supporters who are tracking their progress
  • Everyone is getting to know each other better and beginning to understand how to coach one another
  • This includes holding each other to account for achieving the things they said they’d do to reach their goals
  • The students are now starting to work on their presentation skills, as they are going to report back to the group on what they have achieved and what they’ve learnt during the programme
  • They’ve also sampled most of the healthy snacks from a well-known food store (they’re not just any old snacks!)

Straight from the students’ mouths

The students are appreciating the difference the course is making:

  • “I’d never have contacted a charity to ask for work experience, so thank you for giving me the courage to do that”.
  • “This is really making me think for myself; which is a first”!
  • “My friends thought my profile was 95% like me – amazing”

More formal feedback will follow, once this initial Launch First programme is completed.

Launch First

Janine Osmond

Course leader Janine Osmond, is a qualified coach with a Post Graduate Diploma in coaching from ILM, an MSc in Leadership & Management from DeMontfort University, and is a licensed practitioner for MBTI, Insights Discovery and ReNewYou.

Janine is an Organisational Development Practitioner and has worked extensively in the public sector (both NHS and local authority), schools and the third sector.